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Created By Warner Lab Inc



   Hi I am Gaylia founder of Warner Lab Inc. I came up with Flawless glow in 2018 on a beautiful sunny day! I love to live a healthy conscious life. I am tune with my mind, body and soul.


  Since My life is base mainly on natural products, I created a beautiful light weight oil made of natural elements, that is nourishing as well aesthetically beautiful for your skin.


 When I came up with Flawless glow it was originally for myself , I notice it was very difficult to find natural shimmers that is sexy and nourshing for my skin. I was getting a bit fed up with going to different sites/places and never finding  what I was seeking.


    So I formulated Flawless glow.. I've always been aware of all the many toxic ingredients that are in beauty products.  That has many skin irritations and long term complications that you don't see on the surface.  


   I am happy to share with you guys my formula of a safe beautiful natural 

shimmer Enjoy.


 Thank you all!